Aurealis Analogue Interconnects

Aurealis Audio produces a range of interconnects using the best quality wire and terminations available: 

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R1 Series

The R1 cables are constructed of three different gauges of wire 28, 26 and 24 awg. The R1 is available in three versions:

  • UPOCC copper Litz (R1 Dragon)
  • UPOCC silver and copper Litz (R1 Dragon)
  • Solid core copper / silver hybrid (Neotech UPOCC wire) 

The R1s have a broad and detailed sound stage, with clarity across a broad frequency range.  The Litz versions of the R1 series (the R1 Dragons) especially demonstrate the superb sound staging and clarity.


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R3i Series

The R3i series interconnects are the first Aurealis handcrafted interconnects to be fully shielded. This enables the R3i interconnects to be used anywhere in the system with excellent results, but unlike the R1 and R4 interconnects, they can also be used:

  • From turntable to phono stage amplifier
  • From turntable to MC SUT (step-up transformer)
  • From MC SUT to phono stage amplification

The R3i interconnects feature a unique internal geometry that employs only the highest quality conductors and the best air teflon dielectric available. Shielding is a combination of copper foil and bare pure silver wire.

Four cables are available in the R3 series:

  • R3i CuS - UPOCC copper solid core conductors
  • R3i CuL - UPOCC copper high strand litz conductors
  • R3i AgS - UPOCC silver solid core conductors
  • R3i AgL - UPOCC silver high strand litz conductors

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The Source interconnect

The Source is a budget interconnect that has been developed in response to customer requests for a best value for money interconnect that will perform well anywhere in the system.


The components for The Source were chosen after a considerable amount of research and testing to ensure that the cable was consistent with the Aurealis sound.


It is constructed of:

  • Van Damme XKE Classic Starquad - 4 multi-strand conductors in a silver / copper mix; insulated in PE (close to the performance of teflon); and OFC copper shielding.
  • Star RCAs From AECO in Taiwan - low capacitance, non-resonating polymer housing, robust build with precise machining, and gold-plated copper tellurium contacts

The performance of The Source is up to the standard of that of many commercial cables, even those from well-known companies, that cost considerably more.


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