Aurealis The Source

The Source is a new interconnect that has been developed in response to customer requests for a value for money interconnect that will perform well anywhere in the system.  The design parameters for The Source were:

  • an inexpensive high performance factory-made shielded cable
  • inexpensive high performance RCAs connectors
  • as close to the Aurealis house sound of excellent detail and clarity as possible
  • ease of production

The components for The Source were chosen after a considerable amount of research and testing. It is constructed of:

  • Van Damme XKE Classic Mini Starquad - 4 multi-strand conductors in a silver / copper mix; insulated in PE (close to the performance of teflon); and OFC copper shielding.
  • Star RCAs From AECO in Taiwan - low capacitance, non-resonating polymer housing, robust build with precise machining, and gold-plated copper tellurium contacts

The performance of The Source is up to the standard of that of many cables, even those from well-know companies, that cost considerably more. 


Aurealis's hand crafterd cables (R1, R2 and R3 series) do provide a superior performance, but The Source will meet the needs of people looking for a cable that performs exceptionally well at a very affordable price.


The Source is a shielded cable so it can be used as a phono cable, or for connecting an SUT to a phono amp.  Contact Aurealis Audio if a ground wire is needed.


All terminations are solder by Aurealis Audio using Cardas Eutectic solder. Three-day burn-in on Aurealis Audio's Hagerman FryKleaner is strongly recommended for this cable.  Purchasers will be contacted about the burn-in option.




The Source

The Source


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