Aurealis R4 Interconnects

The new R4 series of interconnects is a revamp of the previous R2 series.  The cable now uses a balanced 4-wire geometry for better noise rejection. In addition a cotton sheath has been added between the wires and the external braid as damping to reduce microphonics from the physical movement of the cable.  The excellent performing, great value for money AECO RCAs are used on these cables. 


The R4 cables are unshielded and recommended for use anywhere in a vinyl system after the phono amp, or as an analogue cable in a digital system.  For shielded cables please see our Phono cables, The Source interconnect or the R3i series of cables. 


If you are new to solid core or litz wiring in cables then the R4 series of interconnects are a good place.  They are a effective way of hearing the improvements that these types of wire offer compared to the commonly used multi-strand wire.


R4 CuS - Ultra Pure Copper - Neotech UPOCC

R4 AgS - Ultra Pure Silver - Neotech UPOCC

R4 CuL - Pure Copper Litz

R4 AgCuL - Pure Silver-Copper Litz