Aurealis Pure Silver Interconnect Kit - 1 metre


Always thought you might like to try a pair of pure silver interconnects, but always found the prices charged by audio companies exorbitant? The new silver interconnect kit offered by Aurealis Audio allows you to build your own pure silver interconnects at an affordable price. 


This kit will produce a pair of very high quality 4N (99.99%) pure silver interconnects in a classic 4-wired braid. The 4-wire braid geometry results in the cancellation of magnetic fields along the length of the cable and allows for superior noise rejection.  The final cable has excellent detail and transparency. It is very smooth in its delivery and, perhaps surprisingly, is tonally just on the warm side.


The 4N dead soft silver used in this kit has been selected after a trialling a number of 4N silver wires over the last two years. It was found to be superior on all accounts and is the same pure silver used in the Aurealis silver speaker cables.  28 awg silver wire is used because it will produce the best sonic results.  An added bonus is that it keeps the price of the kit reasonable.


Completion of this kit will take several hours but the final result is well worth it.  The most difficult part is pushing the silver wire into the teflon tubes, but detailed instructions are provided. 


The kit's instructions can be viewed prior to purchase:


  1. General instructions
  2. 4-wire Braid Instructions


Aurealis Pure Silver Interconnect Kit - 1 metre - only plus Silver-plated Copper Star RCAs

Purchase Aurealis Pure Silver Interconnect Kit

The kit contains the following items:

  1. One spool of 28 awg 4N dead soft solid core silver (99.99% purity); cut into 2 x 4.5 metre lengths
  2. One spool of teflon tubing, cut into 2 x 4.5 metre lengths
  3. 5 cms of 3:1 adhesive lined heat shrink
  4. 20 cms Cardas eutectic silver solder (contains lead)
  5. One silver polishing cloth impregnated with dry silver polish
  6. One micro-fibre buffing cloth
  7. Four lengths of wire in different colours for practising a 4-wire braid
  8. 2 x PDF instructions to be sent via email
  9. 4 AECO Star RCAs (two red, two white: silver-plated copper and non-resonating delrin barrels)

Please note that the photos shown are close-up examples of the 4-wire braid. The actual cable will be much thinner. And because silver is so highly reflective, it is close to impossible to take accurate photos of how the finished cable will look. The teflon tubing is translucent and the silver wire will reflect through it, resulting in quite a pretty effect.




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