The Aurealis Dragon has landed!

New all copper Litz Dragon now available

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Finally, after 18 months of development and redevelopment the Aurealis Dragon interconnect is now available for sale.  This is a silver and copper Litz version of Aurealis's original R1 design.  Like all the R1 cables it uses a mix of different wire gauges.  But unlike the other R1 cables which are based around solid core wire, the R1 Dragon uses genuine Litz wire specially developed by Aurealis Audio. Each of the wires used in its construction is made up hair thin wires individually insulated from each other.  The result is a broad and wonderfully detailed sound stage with all the clarity, and more, that Aurealis cables are renowned for. 


Even during the testing stage, the R1 Dragon became a bit of a phenomenon, with all testers reporting it was one of the best cables they had ever heard.  None of those test cables came back. All were purchased by the people who tested them. 


The wire in these cables is of such high quality and the construction of the R1 design so unique, that together they create a very special musical presentation. 


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