Aurealis Speaker Cables

Aurealis Audio offers several high performance speakers cables:

  • Ultra Pure solid core copper (UPOCC 99.99999% purity)
  • Pure solid core silver (99.99% purity)
  • Special Edition copper / silver Litz

Ultra Pure Solid Core Copper Speaker Cables

  • UPOCC Neotech copper in teflon insulation
  • 4-wired braid geometry
  • Available in double 20 awg or double 18 awg configurations
  • Very transparent, rich and smooth

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Limited Edition - Pure Solid Core Silver Speaker Cables

  • 99.99% pure solid core silver in transparent teflon insulation
  • 4-wire braid geometry
  • Double 20 awg
  • Very transparent, slightly tonally warm for silver, and superior detail and imaging


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Special Edition - Copper / Silver Litz Speaker Cables - SOLD OUT

  • Silver / copper genuine litz wire in double spiral configuration
  • unique return to signal path geometry
  • Incredible detail and 3D sound stage
  • Deluxe finishing

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