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Aurealis Audio wishes to advised that KLE Innovations is no longer the preferred supplier of RCAs.  Discussions are underway with new suppliers of RCAs. 


At the same time this is a great opportunity to revamp the analogue interconnects.  The focus in the future will be on copper-silver hybrid cables as these have proven consistently over time to produce the best results across a wide range of systems.  All copper versions of the same cables may still be available, but the pure silver cables will be retired for the moment. The R1 series will remain, but there will be a redesign of the R2 and R3 cables.  


At the moment I can still fill orders with the Harmony RCAs until my limited supply runs out.  Please contact me if you have any concerns about this. 


And while the Harmony RCAs are good, at the end of the day an RCA does not make or break a good cable.  There are many other good quality RCAs in the world.  But I will endeavour to mostly source my RCAs  from other Australian suppliers.  The cables will sound as good as they always have. 


I would like to thank all my regular customers for their support over the years.  Without you guys, a small company like Aurealis Audio would have gone nowhere.  Thank you. 














New Products from Aurealis

New interconnect - Aurealis R1 Dragon - silver and copper litz


Silver / Copper Litz Speaker cables.  Click here to read more about them and the rave reviews they have been getting. 


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