1 May 2019: There's a production shortage of the silver Litz wire I use in several cables.  Those mostly affected are the the R1 Dragons (silver and copper Litz version) in both RCA and XLR designs.  The silver Litz wire is UPOCC - it's always hard to get, and very expensive - but I know that there are many customers who appreciate what it does.


Cables using the UPOCC copper Litz and UPOCC solid core silver are not affected.  The Litz speaker cables are also unaffected by this. 


At this stage, I'm not sure when the silver Litz will be available again, but possibly 4 to 8 weeks. 

9 March 2019:  The updated versions of our Reference series balanced cables are now available with the new Nexus XLRs from ETI Research.  The Kryo XLR released earlier by ETI is likely the best XLR ever.  The new Nexus XLR is likely the second best.  It's at least as good as the Xhadow XLR, and possibly better.  Images of the the XLR cables with the Nexus XLRs are now available here.

7 March 2019: We have a good supply of Duelund 16 GA and 12 GA in stock.  This is the cotton and oil insulated version with tin-plated copper.  The Duelund 20GA is no longer available for sale as bulk wire.


Click here for purchase details.



4 January 2018: New Duelund 12 GA speaker cables now available - click here for further information.

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