New items have been added for sale on 9 September 2017. A new section for items on sale has been added. Please see "Sale - Demo & Pilot Cables" on the menu at the left of the page.  Several interconnects are currently available.

Australian customers: Want to buy the Duelund 16 awg Western Electric replica wire by the metre?  Email me via the Contact page. The wire as a single strand is available at $13 per metre.   Shipping within Australia will be usually around $10, or pick-up in Brisbane can be arranged. 

Speaker cables now available using the Duelund Western Electric replica wire: 16 awg and insulated in black cotton.  Fantastic sound. Available in twisted pair and 4-wire braid. Click here for further details.

R3i Shielded Interconnects

The R3 series of interconnects have been improved with the addition of ETI Kryo RCAs and additional conductors.  The results are superior RFI/EMI rejection and improved sound staging.  Available in UPOCC solid core copper and silver, or copper and silver Litz for ultimate detail.  Further details here.

Litz Speaker Cables - Currently Out of Stock

New stock expected in earlier October 2017.


The Aurealis Litz speaker cables employ a combination of silver and copper Litz wires in a unique dual spiral geometry.  They deliver an excellent 3D sound stage and superb fine detail.  Three versions of the cable are available depending on the power rating of your system.  Further details here.

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Aurealis Audio, located in Brisbane, Australia, offers a range of high quality audio accessories.  Please use the email form on the Contact page if you have any questions.  Custom orders are welcome.  


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