28 February 2021: New BNC cables released.  Very flexible 75 ohm cables, with full silver plating connector pin and housing. More details ...

25 February 2021: New Duelund speaker cables have been released. These are the Duelund 16:12, designed for bi-wireable speakers . A balanced quad braid combines 16 awg for the high frequency terminals and 12 awg for the low frequency terminals.


Additional insulation to reduce capacitance and prevent cross-stalk between cable pairs has been added, giving the cable an attractive soft grey finish.


This cable will also be available in a standard version suitable for high-powered systems and speakers with a single pair of terminals. More details...

10 January 2021: Two new Duelund based cables have been released: the Duelund 100 and the Duelund 50. 

- the Duelund 100 is a top of the line 100% Duelund cable featuring the specially designed Duelund UPOCC copper RCAs.  This is the sound of Duelund. 

- the Duelund 50 combines Duelund wire with Neotech UPOCC wire to produce an interconnect that is one of the most transparent available.  It simply disappears in the system.

9 January 2021: The new silver and copper Litz hybrid wire is now back in stock.  The R3i AgCuL and the XLR AgCuL are now available for purchase (although some issues with sleeving colours remain). 


Recent feedback on these interconnects has suggested that in some systems (at least), the new wire is offering a superior performance to the best selling R1 Dragon (silver and copper Litz).  An RCA to RCA demo cable is available.


28 December 2020:  Finally, the Duelund 16GA wire is now in production again and stock has arrived from Denmark.  Available for sale by the metre or in fully made-up speaker cables.

3 October 2020:  Supply Shortages

A few supply shortages are starting to occur due to the international pandemic.  Silver litz and UPOCC silver solid core wire is very difficult to obtain.  A number of our top selling cables are not presently available due to this shortage:

  • R1 Dragon (silver/copper litz) - both RCA and XLR versions
  • R3i AgS and XLR AgS (Neotech solid core silver)
  • R3i AgCuL and XLR AgCuL (new copper and silver hybrid wire)

While some delays are occurring more generally, any cables made using copper litz wire only or Duelund wire are still available.  The Duelund and Litz speaker cables are unaffected.  Alternative sources for silver Litz wire are being explored and a small supply for testing will be arriving shortly. 


Another area affected has been cable sleeving.  Much of the sleeving I have been using comes from smaller suppliers in the US and, in one case, Russia.   It is not possible to source supply at the moment.  Customers will be advised of what options are available at time of purchase.


An expanded range of Duelund wire will be available in a few weeks time, and this will also include a new premium copper interconnect that uses Duelund in combination with other types of copper wire.


If you have any question, please use the contact page to send a message. 



3 October 2020: Headphone Cable Update

While some components for the headphone cables are in short supply, the majority can still be sourced - although some delays may occur.


Further information here.

3 October 2020: Litz 400 speaker cables

Please click here for further details.  There is a pilot / loaner cable available should you wish to borrow a pair for a home demo.  Get in touch via the Contacts page.

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