4 January 2018: New Duelund 12 GA speaker cables now available - click here for further information.

17 December 2018: Stocks of the 16GA and 20GA Duelund wire are low at the moment, and can no longer be directly ordered through our website.  For those who would like to order either 16GA or 20GA please send me a message via the Contact page.  There is still plenty of stock of the 12GA available. 

4 November 2018:  A selection of the Solarix Purity IEM cables are now available for immediate shipment. These use the same high quality copper Litz that is used in the Aurealis interconnects.  Links to each Purity IEM can be accessed on this page.  Available cables ship day of purchase, or next business day at the latest, with express shipping ($10) to anywhere in Australia.

2 November 2018: This item has now sold out.


The recent limited edition sale of the Neotech UPOCC interconnects with the Amphenol RCAs was so successful, that a new limited edition cable is now being released. 


This one is the WE1950 - it uses genuine Western Electric wire from the 1950s matched with the Amphenol RCAs and finished in a top quality charcoal braid.  The WE wire is soft annealed, tin-plated and insulated in waxed silk.  And of course it has the lovely WE tonal qualities.  Click Here for more information and to purchase.

2 November 2018:  Price increases in UPOCC Litz wire, coupled with the falling value of the Australian dollar, has unfortunately resulted in a price increase across the majority of the interconnect cables.  The cables using the silver Litz wire and copper Litz wire have the most significant price increases.  At the same time rest assured that you are still buying value for money cables.  The wire and connectors that Aurealis Audio uses in its hand-crafted cables are second to none.

16 October 2018: The balanced version of the R1 silver / copper Litz dragon has now been released. Click here for further information

New Duelund 20GA premium balanced cable released 10 September 2018.  The is is the first of the premium series balanced cables which use the excellent ETI Research Kryo XLRs.  For further information click HERE!

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