12 November 2019: New premium XLR balanced cable released. These use the very sweet spun silver-copper twist Litz wire.  Check out the XLr version at this link. 


Or the RCA version here.

8 November 2019: The Duelund interconnects are now officially released.  There are two versions.  A budget friendly model which is great value for money a and a premium version that takes the sound quality up to the next level. 


Further information available here.

7 November 2019: A recent stock-take at Aurealis Audio uncovered several sets of vintage Eichmann Bullet plugs.  This has resulted in a very limited edition of Aurealis's great value for money interconnect known as "The Source".  Only 3 pairs of interconnects have been made. It's Eichmann meets Van Damme.
The "Source LE" available for sale here

All the Dragon cables are now available after the recent silver Litz shortage.


12 August 2019:  I've recently received some wire that I've been wanting for a long time.  It looks pretty and it sounds as sweet as anything.  All that wire is not mine, but a photo from my supplier.  It's a copper and silver Litz hybrid - silver and copper wires spun together.  This wire will go into the new R3i AgCuL and means I will finally have an R3i (fully shielded cable) that gets close to the tonal qualities of the unshielded R1 Dragon that uses separate strands of silver and copper Litz. 

20 July 2019: The new Litz 400 speaker cables have now been formally released.  These have a improved power handling capacity compared to our Litz 201 to 303 cables, and are suitable for those people who are using many of the new higher powered amps that have come onto the market in recent years.  Please click here for further details.  There is a pilot / loaner cable available should you wish to borrow a pair for a home demo.  Get in touch via the Contacts page.

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