Solarix In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Cables


A large variety of IEM cables are available in the  Solarix range from Aurealis Audio.  All cables use the premium Aurealis Litz (UPOCC) with copper, silver, silver / gold alloy wire, and gold-plated silver being available.   This is genuine Litz wire with a high strand count and each fine strand insulated in enamel.  It is only genuine Litz wire that can deliver such precision and detail in the music experienced. 


All the Solarix IEM & HP cables are characterised by excellent separation of musical instruments and vocals, with more detail, definition, depth and an extended frequency range being noticeable improvements as the listener moves up through the range.


Please contact us about the type of cable you are looking for. 

New for 2021 - Welcome to Our Silver Crystal Cable

A Cable of Unique Quality

While others make their cables thicker and thicker, using strands of 22 or even 20 awg, our research has shown that thinner wires of 30 awg achieve the desired objectives of the very best cable:

  • Exceptional sound quality- the purity and speed of pure silver combined with the precision timing and detail of small bundle Litz construction
  • Comfort and Flexibility - a more delicate weave of 8, 12 and 16 wires creates a cable that is tangle free and comfortable to use
  • Beauty and Feel - fully transparent insulation allows the silver to shine like crystal, while feeling soft in the hand

Full Range of Solarix IEM Cables

  • Purity-4  (4 wires of pure copper Litz )
  • Purity-8  (8 wires of pure copper Litz)
  • Purity-12  (12 wires of pure copper Litz)
  • Superior-4  (4 wires of pure silver Litz)
  • Superior-8  (8 wires of pure silver Litz)
  • Ultimum-4  (4 wires of silver / gold alloy wire)
  • Ultimum-8  (8 wires of silver / gold alloy wire)
  • Saturn-4  (a combination of 2 wires of silver / gold alloy and 2 wires of gold-plated silver)
  • Saturn-8  (a combination of 4 wires of silver / gold alloy wires and 4 wires of gold-plated silver wires)
  • Diamond-4 (4 wires of gold-plated silver)
  • Diamond-8 (8 wires of gold-plated silver)


If you would like further information or are interested in purchasing please get in touch with Aurealis Audio via the Contacts Page.