Duelund Interconnects

Duelund 20 GA -Twisted Pair

Duelund 20 GA Interconnect - Twisted Pair

  • 20 GA twisted pair - tin-plated copper in cotton and oil insulation, replicating the sound of the famous Western Electric tin-plated copper.
  • quality Amphenol RCA connectors with Cardas eutectic solder 
  • finished in black Techflex braid
  • great detail and tonal qualities, and superior clarity and transparency compared to standard multi-strand or solid core cable. 


  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Duelund 20GA Premium Interconnect

Duelund Premium Interconnect

The design of the Duelund Premium interconnect takes the sound of the Duelund wire to another level of performance.   While the wonderful tonal quality of the wire is still fully displayed, there is an additional level of clarity and openness. 


  • Duelund 20GA tin-plated copper in cotton and oil insulation
  • 3-wire geometry in a 2:1 ratio.  Two wires in the negative path reduce the resistance across the ground plane. This provides some shielding benefits for the positive signal wire, and allows a fast and precise response
  •  lightweight and very flexible conductive carbon shield.  This is one of the most effective shields available.  Not only does it have superior noise rejection, but the physical and chemical construction of the shield has less impact on the signal conductors than foil and metal braid shields. 
  • ETI Research Copper Link RCAs.  These are an excellent RCA with a lovely tonal quality that complements the Duelund wire perfectly.  The signal pin is gold-plated copper (a new variety of harden copper that can withstand the stresses of connecting and disconnecting).
  • Consistent with the Duelund insulation, the cable is externally finished in a hand-dyed cotton braid.


  • Ships within 1-3 days1