Sale Items - Demo & Pilot Cables

The cables listed below are available at a considerable discount to regular prices.  They have either been used as demonstration cables or developed as pilot cables. 

S418 Speaker Cables - Neotech UPOCC Copper - 2.2 metre pair

S418 Solid Core Speaker Cables @ 2.75 metre pair - Neotech UPOCC Copper

The sound of UPOCC solid core copper - rich, open and transparent with good detail and excellent frequency extension. 


- 4 x 18 awg solid core copper per channel (teflon insulation)

- each strand is Neotech ultra pure linear crystal copper (UPOCC) - no grain barriers

- equivalent to 14 awg standard multi-strand cable

- 4-wire braid noise cancellation geometry

- ETI Research pure copper spades

- low capacitance and inductance 




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Duelund Interconnect with ETI Copper Bullets - 1 metre pair - NOW SOLD

Duelund Interconnect 1 metre pair - 1 Only Available


  • Duelund 20GA tin-plated copper wire in cotton oil insulation
  • Twisted pair geometry for noise rejection
  • Terminated in ETI Copper Bullets (new old stock)
  • Finished in an external black braid
  • A simple but superb sounding cable. Good transparency and detail plus excellent tonal quality.

Please note that only 1 pair of these cables is available.  I recently found some old stock of the Copper Bullets and they are a great match for the new Duelund 20 GA wire.  The cable is actually brand new, but features on this part of the site as it is a one-off.



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R1 CuAg UPOCC - Silver/Copper Hybrid - with ETI Kryo RCAs - NOW SOLD

R1 AgCu (Silver/Copper Hybrid) - 1 metre


  • Five wires per channel in three different gauges using mix of Neotech UPOCC solid core silver and solid core copper.
  • Wire is insulated in teflon, with additional insulation and damping provided by cotton and silicone
  • ETI Kryo RCAs - silver-plated copper
  • Double braiding - finished in black
  • A nicely transparent cable with a broad sound stage and a touch of sparkle (smooth not bright) at the high end





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