Solarix IEM Cables

The following copper Litz IEM cable is available for immediate shipment.  Express postage with Australia ($10 only) usually results in your cable being delivered within 24 hours.

Solarix Purity-8- Copper Litz with Balanced 2.5mm TRRS and 2-Pin Connector

Balanced 2.5 mm TRRS and 2-pin connector
Balanced 2.5 mm TRRS and 2-pin connector

SOLARIX PURITY-8: 2.5 mm TRRS and 2-PIN Connectors

A beautiful upgrade cable for IEMs that have the 2-pin connection.  These cables present the rich and pure tonal quality of UPOCC copper and the precise detail of genuine Litz.  And with the 8-wire configuration, the signal carrying Litz strands have doubled compared to the Purity-4.  The result is a richer sound cable with improved bass and a more precise high-end.



  • Aurealis premium Litz wire - UPOCC copper - 30 strands per wire with each strand insulated in enamel to ensure near lossless transfer of the musical signal
  • 8-wire braid with PE insulation on each wire to provided excellent flexibility 
  • Rodhium plated 2.5mm TRRS (balanced) connector, and gold plated 2-pin connectors for the IEM
  • Genuine leather protective case
  • Standard 1.2 metre length (other lengths available upon request)

This item is available for immediate shipment

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